The 100 Candles Game

The 100 Candles Game 2020

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A group of friends must confront their fears in a terrifying game. They must sit by the other players in a circle made of a hundred candles, take one of them and tell a horror story. As stories are told and candles blown out, strange events will start to happen. They will feel strange presences around them, lurking in the shadows. But they MUST NOT leave the game or else a terrible curse will fall upon them...

Released 2020-11-13
Runtime 100 minutes
Genre Horror
Stars Magui Bravi, Luz Champané, Amparo Espinola, Clara Kovacic, Agustin Olcese
Director Guillermo Lockhart, Mauro Croche, Victor Catala, Brian Deane, Oliver Lee Garland