Boomerang 1979


HD 0 112 minutes
The last student days before the redistribution. The linguist must go to a remote village to work as a teacher. The outlook is not good at all for the ambitious man who published his own story and is searching for the realization of a career in literature. Mihail is looking for the possibility that will let him in Sofia. He is from countryside; his diploma is not of the highest merit; his career as an author is still not established. He meets by chance a famous writer. Soon the attitude of Mihail towards the writer becomes colder,, since he understands that he was used as an object of description. Mihail sees the situation as a deal - he offers "material" for the writer's novel for a note, needed for him to stay in Sofia. The writer's uncompromising nature breaks the deal and Mihail is traveling to the village or maybe to himself.

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